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Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists
Opioid Therapy Statement

Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists is a Pain Management practice located in Reno, serving all of Northern Nevada. Our physicians have been expertly trained to use injections and other interventional treatments to resolve pain at its source. Each patient requires a unique plan of care based on his or her condition and medical history. We believe that we can help people who suffer from pain using our safe and clinically proven interventional techniques. We prefer to avoid prescribing opioids (narcotics), and when we do, we follow guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pain Medicine and recommendations provided by national and state government agencies. Additionally, we follow our internal practice requirements, listed here:

Requirements for Patient Opioid Use

Our patients must meet the following requirements in order to continue Opioid use:

  • Consistent clean drug screens that are current every 30 days
  • Clean Board of Pharmacy record
  • Signed Medication agreement on file in our office
  • Patient completes our pain diagram, is able to explain his or her pain, and participates in a physical examination
  • Patient participates in other lower risk treatment options, including when we refer him or her to another specialist for further evaluation prior to prescribing Opioids here at the office
  • Patient must keep us updated with a current medication list
  • Patient understands the purpose of the Opioid treatment as well as the benefits and risks
  • Patient provides us with feedback about the effectiveness of all treatments
  • Patient participates in all aspects of his or her care, which allows us to optimize the treatment plans and document their rationale and effectiveness