Reno Pain

A note from Jamie Pribyl PT, DPT, MTC

Written by Jamie Pribyl, DPT, MTC

Jamie Pribyl

So, you have been referred to physical therapy by your doctor. Now what? It already hurts to do your everyday activities and the LAST thing you want to do is exercise because it’s only going to make you hurt more, right? WRONG. First off, I understand you have chronic pain. I understand that it hurts for you to sit, to walk, and to lie down. And I understand that you may have tried physical therapy in the past without success. All I ask is that you clear your mind and be ready to experience therapy designed around you. I’m here to try to help you feel better, not worse and that begins with you telling me what aggravates your pain.

My style of physical therapy is different than most. It is not JUST exercise based. Instead, I mainly use MANUAL physical therapy during which I do body work to help give you the ability to move properly, and then design an exercise program to support and maintain that movement. Therapy starts with a whole body assessment to identify joints and tissues that may be restricting your movement. I then use gentle techniques to release joints or fascia, so that whatever movement hurts you can become easier and less painful and give you more range of motion. You will then be given exercise for you to do at home so you can maintain that new range of motion. It is designed to support the work we do during therapy. My theory is not “No pain, no gain.” I understand that on the road to getting better, there will be good days and bad days but therapy is definitely not designed to make you worse.

As you progress, your exercises will progress. Our goal will be to improve mobility before strength. As you start to move better, strengthening exercises will be added to stabilize joints and keep them moving properly. Your exercises are designed to progress as you progress. You will not be given an exercise you are not ready for.

Don’t be scared of physical therapy. Come in for the initial evaluation so we can meet and discuss your case. I promise you will be surprised! The choice to schedule a follow up appointment after your initial evaluation is yours to make.

Jamie Pribyl, DPT, MTC