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October is Physical Therapy Month!

Written by Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists staff

Jamie Pribyl

Jamie Pribyl, Pt, DPT, MTC

“You can never stretch too often or for too long. It is possible to stretch too hard (nothing should ever hurt,
and if it does you should stop immediately) but stretching can help anyone at any age.”

• Jamie Pribyl, PT, DPT, MTC

October is Physical Therapy month, and that means spreading awareness of the benefits of physical therapy. According to Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, here are 10 reasons why physical therapy is beneficial;

1. Reduce or eliminate pain– Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments such as ultrasound, taping or electrical stimulation can help relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function to reduce pain. Such therapies can also prevent pain from returning.

2. Avoid surgery– If physical therapy helps you eliminate pain or heal from an injury, surgery may not be needed. And even if surgery is required, you may benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy.

3. Improve mobility– Stretching and strengthening exercises help restore your ability to move. By customizing an individual care plan, whatever activity that is important to an individual’s life can be practiced and adapted to ensure maximal performance and safety.

4. Recover from a stroke– It’s common to lose some degree of function and movement after a stroke. Physical therapy helps strengthen weakened parts of the body and improve gait and balance.

5. Recover from or prevent a sports injury– Therapists can design appropriate recovery or prevention exercise programs for you to ensure a safe return to your sport.

6. Improve your balance and prevent falls– Therapists help you with exercises to improve coordination and assistive devices to help with safer walking.

7. Manage diabetes and vascular conditions– People with diabetes may have problems with sensation in their feet and legs. Physical therapists can help provide and educate these patients on proper foot care to prevent further problems down the road.

8. Manage age-related issues– Physical therapists are experts in helping patients recover from joint replacement, and manage arthritic or osteoporotic conditions conservatively.

9. Manage heart and lung disease– While patients may complete cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or procedure, you also may receive physical therapy if your daily functioning is affected. For pulmonary problems, physical therapy can improve quality of life through strengthening, conditioning and breathing exercises, and help patients clear fluid in the lungs.

10. Manage women’s health and other conditions– Women have specific health concerns, such as with pregnancy and post-partum care. Physical therapists can offer specialized management of issues related to women’s health.

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We offer fully equipped physical therapy space in both our Reno and Sparks locations with licensed physical therapists who specialize in manual therapy. Here are four stretches that you can use everyday to help ease back pain.


demonstration of knee to chest stretch

Knee to Chest stretch (Left)

While lying flat on your back, grab onto the back of your thigh and gently pull one knee up towards your chest until a comfortable stretch is felt in the glute.


demonstration of supine hamstring stretch

Supine Hamstring stretch (Right)

While lying flat on your back, grab onto the back of the thigh (behind the knee), and gently straighten the knee until a comfortable stretch is felt throughout the hamstring. To adjust for an easier stretch, you may also use a strap to place around the foot and gently pull for an easier resistance.


demonstration of supine pirirformis stretch

Supine Piriformis (Left)

While lying flat on your back, pull one knee up towards your chest and move it over towards the opposite shoulder until a you feel a comfortable stretch.

demonstration of butterfly stretch

Butterfly stretch (Right)

This movement can be done sitting or lying down. Place the pads of your feet together and pull your feet together toward the groin area until you feel comfortable stretch.


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