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SI Joint Pain Relief From CornerLoc

Written by Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists staff

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Dr. Patterson is always learning the most up-to-date procedures for our patients and we are excited to now be offering the CornerLoc™ procedure. Lower back pain effects millions of Americans every year and is the second most common cause of disability in the country. Of those that suffer from lower back pain, 20% are caused by the sacroiliac joint (SI). If you’ve had a spinal fusion the chance of the SI joint causing lower back pain then jumps up to 40%.

The CornerLoc™ procedure is recommended for patients that have issues with their sacroiliac joint. The SI joint is the foundation of the spine, located at the junctions of the sacrum and ilium on each side. This joint transmits the forces exerted through the spine from the upper body to the legs. It is designed to absorb shock forces. Instability of the joint can cause low back pain, pelvis/buttock pain, lower extremity pain, hip/groin pain, and problems sitting, sleeping, or walking. Many insurers require that patients fail 6 months of conservative care like medication management, physical therapy, and injections before being approved for a procedure like CornerLoc™.

The CornerLoc™ System has been specifically designed to achieve optimal stabilization, with minimal surgical invasiveness. Unlike older techniques, CornerLoc™ technology does not use metal implants, but rather small grafts. A number of other SI fusion systems use a lateral approach to drive bulky metal hardware through the deep bed of soft tissue on the side of your hip and across the SI joint, risking hitting a nerve deep in the SI joint. The CornerLoc™ procedure is performed using a posterior approach through two small incisions in the lower back utilizing the shortest and safest access to the SI joint. This results in lower surgical trauma, reduced blood loss, eliminates neurological injury, shorter surgery times, and faster recovery.

After careful preparation of the SI joint, two CornerLoc™ grafts are placed orthogonally within the SI joint, effectively creating immediate joint stability. The procedure takes as little as 30 minutes and patients are only expected to be sore for a week or so. The older more invasive techniques require patients to be non-weight bearing on the side treated for up to 6 weeks. With the CornerLoc™ procedure you can walk out of the operating room the same day.

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Patient Profile: Benefits of the Cornerloc™ Procedure

Our patient Joanne was in an accident which caused constant lower back pain. Her activity level decreased dramatically and it became painful to walk. She was referred to Dr. Patterson and went through a conservative treatment process of physical therapy, steroid injections, and radiofrequency ablations. With no substantial lasting relief, Dr. Patterson believed Joanne was a great candidate for the new procedure, CornerLoc™.

Joanne was a bit hesitant at first, but trusted Dr. Patterson. In order to ensure that this treatment was right for her, Dr. Patterson first performed the procedure on one side to see what kind of relief she would experience.

She has experienced up to 70% pain relief since the procedure. She describes the procedure as a very smooth, 30 minute out-patient procedure and has absolutely zero trepidation with going through the procedure again on her other side.

Patient Profile on CornerLoc

“Recovery has been excellent! I have no more leg pain. I’m able to stand longer, walk longer, every day is getting better and better. In fact, just yesterday for the first time in I don’t know how long I was able to walk for 45 minutes straight. My next goal is to get back on my bike!”

Nothing makes our team happier than knowing that we’ve restored a patient’s lifestyle! Getting Joanne back on her bike and giving her ability to return to the activities she loves is the reason we are in this industry.

If lower back pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, give us a call to see if CornerLoc™ is right for you. (775) 284-8650